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Each portrait is drawn on 100% cotton fiber, acid-free 3-ply Bristol Board. The Bristol Board is designed for pencil, colored pencil, soft and hard charcoal, hard pastel and oil pastel. This allows for smoother gradients and better interpretation of pencil strokes.

Anthony's pencils range in hardness from 9B thru 9H, they are a Derwent Fine Art Graphite Pencil, which is well known for it's superior quality. Also Anthony uses several Ebony, Charcoal and Full Graphite pencils. Other tools include, kneed ed erasers, pink erasers, and various blending stumps and tortillons. All of these tools and fine quality paper allow Anthony to give you a portrait that you can hang proudly on your wall.

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Touch of Colour
Touch of Colour Example
Add a small splash of unique to your Life

There is truly nothing more stunning than a black and white graphite pencil portrait. To be able to inspire with a simple, yet classic image consisting of such a basic color palette is something many strive to achieve.

An interesting variance of standard graphite pencil portrait, is when the artist seeks to embrace the depth and character of the origianl artwork and warm it up with a splash of color. This selective color effect can create some of the most brilliant and breathtaking artwork ever seen.

Samples for this incredible process can be found all over the web, but the trick is always in the choices made by the artist. This is a true art form. To decide what significant or insignificant part of the photo will create that wow factor is the most crucial part to this process.


Signature Mat
Signature Matte Example
A Unique & Elegant Alternative to a Guest book

A personalized Signature Mat is an ideal upgrade for any wedding, anniversary, birthday, baby shower, bridal shower, retirement party, graduation gift or any special occasion.

The personalized guest Signature Mat is a fabulous and unique alternative to a traditional guest book, allowing guests to sign their own names and well wishes into the frame to create a personalized keepsake for that memory that lasts a lifetime.

Each Signature Mat includes, two permanent fine tip pens, an elegant guest instruction card matted to match your portrait, and an easel for display. And once your event is over just drop the pens and easel along your portrait back at AWiLSON Pencil Portraits to have the Signature Mat placed inside your framed portrait.

The Signature Mat is a great alternative to a traditional guest book, and something that can be proudly displayed as opposed to stored away on a shelf and only rarely looked at as most guest books are. Just have your guests sign and it is ready to display, inviting you to relive memories of the happy day all year long.