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Photograph Selection

The clarity of the photo you chose makes a significant difference in the final artwork. Professional photos are always the best choice.

If you are unable to use a professional photo, be sure your photo meets the standards below:

  • The photo must be clear and sharply focused.
  • The minimum head size should be one and one half inches, measured from top of head to bottom of chin.
  • Hair should be light enough to tell how it's combed.
  • Distinction between pupil and iris of eye should be clear and eye color should be visible.
  • Side lighting is best. But as long as photo is not too light or washed out and the subject is properly lighted; no dark shadows.
  • If glasses are worn in photo, make sure there is not too much glare from lenses.
  • Please reframe from using photos that has clothing with large printed designs.

If you prefer, you can simply email me the image by scanning your photo(s) at 300 dpi into a .jpg format. For best results, please use a resolution of 1280 x 1024 or higher. If you do not have access to a scanner and/or computer, Kinkos and other photo related business's offer these services. All photos must be approved by the artist.


A deposit of $100USD will be required on all orders. All deposits, once materials are ordered, are non-refundable. Deposits can be paid in the form of cash, check, money order or by Paypal.

The balance of payment including tax is due on delivery of approval of the artwork. Once the balance is received, the artwork will be shipped as indicated below. For local clients, final payment for a portrait is due when the portrait is picked up. For others, final payment is due prior to portrait shipment.


Please note that for typical portraits you should allow 4 to 6 weeks for work to be completed. For custom work, allow 6 to 8 weeks, depending on complexity. Delivery times are often less than above, but I like to ensure that I have enough time to give your portrait the attention that I require. If you require the artwork for a specific date, please indicate the same to allow for shipping.

Shipping & Handling Fees

Clients will pay actual INSURED shipping and handling fees from UPS. Orginal reference photos will be returned at this time unless other arrangements have been made prior to delivery.

International orders will pay actual INSURED shipping and handling fees from USPS. If you have any questions on shipping please ask before placing any orders.