Big red Line
Ownder and Artist Anthony Wilson

Anthony Wilson’s small town roots, along the serene banks of the Ohio River, infused in him a love for the understated beauty of simplicity, in nature, in life and in art. The simple elegance of a pencil drawing has become Anthony’s passion and means for artistic expression. Anthony articulates his passion through commissioned pencil portraits. Each one is uniquely and painstakingly rendered in flawless and unimaginable detail, giving them a life and depth belied by the monochromatic medium.

Anthony’s art is the culmination of his own journey, which includes the artistic legacy of his family. From an early age, Anthony was first introduced to pencil drawing by his father (Tedd Wilson) who inspired and encouraged him to pursue his interests. His grandmother (Lita Wilson) also broadened his horizon by sharing her expertise in the bygone art of handmade porcelain figures.

Anthony is a self-taught artist but a desire to create a uniquely sentimental gift for his father and late grandmother, kindled his passion in using pencil for his portraits. After such a powerful experience with his own family, Anthony wanted to offer the opportunity for other people to share in the experience that personal art can evoke. Since that time in 2008, Anthony has been capturing moments and creating lifelong memories with his gifts.

Anthony still calls his hometown of Marietta, home, with his beautiful bride Michele and their son, Kadin, with whom Anthony intends to share the family legacy.

REsolve Studios

What is REsolve Studios?

At the studio we share on, Marietta’s West Side, we come and we go, we get knocked down and we help each other up. In this place we are challenged in a way that emboldens the artistic spirit.

Those who step inside, choosing to join in, enter into a place that is on first glance a painting/art studio, but will soon discover, however, that it is also part sewing room, woodworking shop, not quite a laboratory, not a library in a strict sense of the word but something of a reading room, or a study, maybe with a touch of a semi-public resource sprinkled in for good measure. It is partly a fabrication shop and if a car would fit inside, the kind of place where highly imaginative custom work would not at all be out of place. It is a little bit archival, a bit of a warehouse, it’s not without industrial touches and with a smidgen of whimsy thrown in. It at times will remind you of a barn, with an organic quality. When searching around one might recall playing in a childhood tree house. And although it may feel dusty and dirty at times, and may not be for everyone, it ultimately never strays far from what, with reverence we might call home.

REsolve Studios Logo Anthony has been a member of the REsolve Studios family since 2009.